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We rebuild starters for the following applications:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Recreational
  • Marine
  • Street Rod & Race Car Enthusiasts

We have rebuilt, remanufactured & new inventory on the shelf…so if your part is not working we can exchange it with one that does.

If we don’t have your part, we can get it for you or rebuild yours in a timely manner.

We offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY, certain conditions apply.

We strive to offer superior quality & workmanship to our rebuilt product and friendly, competent service to our customers.


Your starter is what cranks the engine over to start your vehicle.

Before replacing your starter:

  • Check your battery to determine if it is fully charged.  A fully charged battery should put out 12.5 volts
  • Determine if your ignition switch is sending power to the solenoid.  If your dashboard lights dim when you turn the key, your ignition switch is probably working


Your starter may be malfunctioning if:

  •  Turning the key to ‘on’ position and nothing happens.  You may hear a ‘clicking’ noise.
  • Your dashboard lights/headlights come on but the engine won’t start.
  • The engine cranks slowly and takes a few attempts to start
  •  Grinding or spinning noise when the engine is started
  •  Electrical burning smell or smoke under the hood of the vehicle

To assist you with your electrical diagnosis, we offer free testing of your starter. Call Us Now 403 266 6114.